Who Does It Belong To?…Oh

A comment to a previous post made me laugh because it made me remember a time back in the day when my little brother and I were kids.

It was a time when, for pre-teenage girls the hottest thing ever was to have a little suitcase style bag which you took to school with you every day. Mine was a small caramel coloured case with silver metal corners and a hinged carry handle on one side. The lid closed by two small silver clips and it had an optional padlock which, when I lost the key I could poke open with a paperclip.

Every girl that I can remember around that time had one of these little cases to carry books and pens etc to school in. The cases were all pretty similar but what made them unique was the stickers we put all over them.

The stickers were tiny little pictures mostly the size of a 10p coin and you had to go to a particular shop in town where they sold a strip the size you wanted from a large roll. Some of the stickers were glittery, others were plain prints of little animals and stuff. As a side note that shop had box upon shelf upon basket full of beads, pins, strings, ribbons, clips and other miscellaneous sparkly pieces that I had no idea of their use. I’d frequently buy odds and sods and take them home all enthused about making beautiful jewelry but somehow those bits lost their sparkle when they were taken from the shop. They usually ended up in mums hoover.

The stickering of items didn’t end at my little suitcase. I had a really high bed which had a desk area underneath it. My stepdad built the bed for me and at one end there was a thick wooden supporting post which I’d covered with stickers from the top to the bottom. Amongst these stickers was a rather popular one which was about 5cm long by 1.5cm wide, yellow with black writing which said”


My brother, Sam, also had a packet of these stickers, although I seem to remember his being blue.

What happened at some point is that one of our stickers appeared fixed to an object outside of our rooms and this laid down the gauntlet for an entire stickathon because when you’re 11 and 6 years old sibling rivalry and one upmanship dictates that HELL NO – IF YOU OWN THE FRONT DOOR THEN I’M OWNING THE STAIRS.

I’m not quite sure how my mum coped because the entire house became absolutely covered with these damn stickers. When you sat on the toilet, you wiped with a roll owned by SAM and when you had a drink that cup belonged to RENEE. Dinner each night was sponsored by both SAM and RENEE as each of the knives and forks had been labelled. In some places you could identify a particular tension point – I mean it became doubly important to own the dog. Rusty’s collar had a SAM sticker on it and when I saw that the little pain in the arse had claimed the dog I didn’t stand for it so I stuck a RENEE sticker over the top of his. That caused an argument that lasted for days and I couldn’t tell you how many times I heard the line “you’re older you should know better”. I DID know better which is why I wasted no time at all before I went back and restickered a 2nd sticker over the top of my brothers 2nd sticker which was stuck over my first sticker which was covering his first sticker on the dog collar. Rusty got owned about 8 times before I took her collar off and hid it.

I don’t remember how long this malarkey went on for but I do know that those stickers were found for years after we left home. Poor parents had frazzled nerves and I’m sure I caused my little brother enough grief that has probably given him a nervous tick to this day.

You know what though? The fact I still own the small section of white waste pipe under the kitchen sink in that house is SO worth it.



  1. jade said

    That was so funny!

    But oh god how I hate stickers. Theres something about them that looks tacky to me and I don’t let the kids put them on anything except a piece of paper.

  2. foxsden said

    I’m exactly the same Jade.. I hate seeing stickers stuck on furniture…Cameron’s got a cool grandma who lets him to stuff like that – (obviously I didn’t leave her too frazzled)

  3. My son gets stickers at playgroup for being a good boy, then brings them home and sticks them to my wooden doors. This does not make me happy.

    I *love* that photo!

    (Here via Tilly by the way). Hello!

  4. foxsden said

    Ha! Stickers on doors do not equal ‘good boy’! COnfiscate them for being naughty – that’ll confuse him!

    Thanks for dropping in.. nice to see a new face (not that I don’t love the old ones YOU GUYS)

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