I’ve Fed And Watered It For 10 Years!

Cameron\'s 10th Birthday

Being the kind of person who was not graced with an overwhelming love for children or the skills to cope with one or more kids without swearing in their faces within seconds of being around them it came as a bit of a surprise to most people that I actually had one of my own.

Cameron arrived in the world 10 days late, just after lunch time and after a short labour. From the time the Pitocin drip decided he was making an entrance in the world to the time he appeared in the room took only 15 minutes, an event that was a walk in the park compared to the 5 months of gut wrenching projectile vomiting he put me through 4 months earlier and much easier than the barrel-load of lip he gives me these days!

However, despite on many occasions leaving him strapped in shopping trollies and car seats while I walked off forgetting my new attachment I have managed to keep ahold of the little blighter.

When you’re Cameron’s age you celebrate birthdays as being one more year closer to getting your ear pierced, learning to drive, smoking weed, getting a paper round, all things that do not require your parents permission and being able to do anything that does NOT make them say ‘while you’re living under my roof”.

I on the other hand like to celebrate his birthday as one more self-adulating triumph that I managed to keep him alive, well and growing into the handsome little man he’s becoming…. I don’t have luck like that with my plants!

Happy Birthday Blonde!


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