A Yellow Shade of Yellow

I’ve been using my scooter to go to and from work for the last couple of days and today I stopped on my way home from work to take a few photos.

Currently most of the fields around here are planted with Rapeseed which is grown for a few reasons, a couple of which that I know of being Vegetable Oil and Animal Feeds. I also think it may be used to make BioDiesel – so I know of 3 reasons. Whatever its use I can tell you that once it has flowered it emits a heavy pungent stink that emanates through your windows, doors and air vents in the car like a waft of week old badger road kill on a warm day. It makes your nose and eyes irritated too, but hey it looks STUNNING and I didn’t mind standing there taking photos while sporting the protective bubble of my crash helmet, until I looked ahead, followed those power lines and found a big ass pylon sat right behind me just waiting to drop those cables on my head.

Honda Zoomer For god sake don\'t drop those cables The road home


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  1. polstarphotography said

    I rampaged around a rapeseed field in Leicestershire a few weeks ago which was fun – however – when it’s pollunating it kills me – literally!
    It’s SO purty though

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