Brat In The Pack

St. Georges Day Parade Old Blokes with Big Instruments Salute!

Cameron joined his Cub Scout pack for the St. Georges Day Parade through Stowmarket on Sunday. Being the parental socially uninvolved Mutha I am I was unaware that this involved an afternoon in church because if I had realised that – I wouldn’t have insisted he went.

The local Scout groups all met in a car park where eventually the 100+ kids were joined by the Salvation Army band. And it was at that point I lost the plot and started in fits of laughter.

The Salvation Army are always a bunch of old blokes who appear any time one needs a small group of old blokes with a bunch of very shiny brass instruments.

On this occasion they solemnly marched around the corner to the beat of the big bass drum more like they were on their way to a funeral rather than a Sunday Parade in honor of the Patron Saint of England and part time dragon slayer.

The band stopped in front of the kids where Wil, not helping my case of uncontrollable laughter leaned towards my ear and whispered ‘it’s a face off… its going to be brass band carnage any second”.

The band turned around and led the group of scouts out of the car park and off down through the town centre. The whole lot of them had expressions on their faces as though they were being led off to the gas chambers – had I known what they knew about their impending stint in St Peters Church I would have understood. Sadly I just smiled and waved as Cameron marched by throwing us the Cubs salute looking like John Cleese in the Monty Python clip of the Ministry of Funny Walks .

“You did that” Wil whispered with faux distaste at Cams actions… Too right, I thought, at least one kid was appreciating the comedy around him.


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