I Laugh Through My Nose WAY Too Much

I can think of many ways to enjoy a free hour of my time….Sitting in the car with Wil videoing our every move with my little camera is probably not the best use of that time. However, it gave me a little insight into me whereby I learned a few things I never realised…….

An Hour In The Car from RaceFox on Vimeo.

1. I preceed far too many giggles with an annoying snort through my nose.

2. I giggle so much I make us look like we’ve been together 5 minutes, not 5 years.

3. My adams apple is a bit prominent…. should I begin worrying about my testosterone levels?

4. If Wil begins intently folding a receipt – cover your face and do not await the production of a cute origami swan.



  1. Tilly Mint said

    You remind me of Toni Colette in that. And you’re right W. does have a look of the lovely Vernon.

  2. foxsden said

    Aww thanks Tilly.. thats a nice compliment. Wil used to look more like Vernon when his hair was longer… I’ll have to dig out a photo!

  3. polstarphotography said

    this is just a little bit too sweet … just a little bit!

  4. foxsden said

    LOL.. I think you mean SICKLY Pol!

  5. ohwa! You two are the sweetest! And you are so pretty! I laughed out loud at the paper folding.
    Makes me think of me and BN .. we’d been together a couple of months and we were in the car going somewhere.. can’t remember… and (I am know for my gullibility it has to be said) he pointed out the window and said “LOOK!!! ELTON JOHN!!!” and I looked. Even though this had been preceded by approx 15 minutes of him teasing me for being so gullible.

    Yes. I looked.

    We were in Hatfield. Elton John’s second home natch.

    I still get reminded of this story… at least once a year 🙂

    I still blush!

  6. foxsden said

    You are NOT alone Nutty.. I’m SO gullible sometimes its painful. That’s trust for you – leaving ourselves wide open for pisstake I suppose! Although the Elton John prank is pretty funny! LOL..

  7. Oh no!! More people laughing at me 🙂

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