Snail Trails

Bastard SnailsWas this before of after it ate all my newly sprouted plants? When I find it, its being launched over the hedge.



  1. Is it wrong that I take incredible delight and satisfaction from seeing a dead one melting away having eaten a slug pellet in my garden?!

  2. foxsden said

    No…. but I’m a sap… I can’t kill them.. I just throw them and pretend I don’t hear them smash when they hit ground.

  3. Lindy said

    OMG!!! That sucker must be huge. I don’t know how you can miss it with a trail that wide. Something else that kills them is stale beer. I put seashells in my garden & every now & then dump the last of a beer in them.

  4. Wes said

    I believe in free will. Place chunks of salt around and see how many lose. You have no hand in it and well they don’t have eyes either.

  5. foxsden said

    Lindy I tried the beer trick before and the bastard snails (being pisshead British ones I suppose) slid down to the beer, had their fill and then slid right back out!

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