Dirty Stairs WINNER…

Ok – You’re going to have to visit Suburban Mums blog, specifically this post to see who threw the gauntlet down on this one.

Please appreciate my dirty stair – this is one of 2 flights of 8 stairs all covered in heaps of the same matted up reels of my hair and what looks like many pubic hairs. I can tell you they are NOT – they are more than likely to be Wils chest hair. He’s a properly hairy bugger and since our bedroom is at the top of this stair case any hair shedding done while he’s prancing back and fourth on the landing in just his pants is likely to get blown straight down. Thats right, we don’t even have carpet on them because after we finished laying all the wood flooring we intended to paint them. Can I just add that these were only hoovered 5 days ago and they are not representative of the rest of the house.

So yeah.. one side of one step is holding this much dirt – if you collected it all up you could easily stuff a lovely macramé cushion. If you don’t have enough dirt on your stairs feel free to contact me.. I’ll even pay the postage.



  1. Emma said

    Okay…you win.

  2. a ha haha 😆 I can’t remember who said we all needed to take photos but that is clearly the winner 🙂


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