OKAY! Freaky Weird Sicko Alert…

The dog you don\'t need to feed....Perpetual Pet…

Who in the HELL freeze dries their dead pet? Hmm? Tell me that, because I just can’t believe my porky pies when I’m browsing through this website reading the testimonials.There is something just ever so HUGELY creepy about having Fluffy living in eternal stiffness right there in the corner on her little gingham cushion giving you that stony cold glazed over look WITHOUT BLINKING.



  1. Iz sitting on ur mantle creepin out the inlaws

  2. foxsden said

    Oh Hai!
    That nearly made me let out a bit of wee…comedy genius Myles!

  3. Wes said

    I wonder if you move across the room do the eyes follow you?

  4. Wes said

    Oh yea, stay away from their “Discount Offers”

  5. foxsden said

    Do you get the ‘sun dried’ version instead of the freeze dried then?

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