“This is a time-based documentation of how the Magnetic Ink prints are created. The orbital vector is quite noticeable in this video. Made with Processing. Audio by Flashbulb (“In an Instant” from the album “Red Extensions Of Me”)

“If you understand what that means, good for you as I haven’t a clue. But you must watch this video (WITH your SOUND ON)… which I found to be the equivalent of floating slow motion through the air between the Swiss Alps in a dream towards a big billowy box of feathers to land in.

You can find a bit more information the video above here (and loads of other weird and wonderful things) on Roberts blog


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  1. Wes said

    I totally got lost in that video. The liquid is called Ferrofluid and it’s quite actually easy to make. Just get an oil based fluid such as glycerin or even vegetable oil and fill it full of iron shavings. Never ending fun!

    You can actually see a video of it in action:

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