Hotel Dwelling In Cardiff

Why do towels and sheets in hotels feel so much better than anywhere else even after they’ve been slept on and wiped across thousands of other people before you?

So I’m wide awake at 0641 propped up in my double bed by 3 of the largest puffiest pillows and surrounded by a fantastically squashy duvet all covered in starchy white cotton covers. The being wide awake part is slightly absurd in the fact that I am A) Awake at this hour at all and B) Able to move my fingers and string words together after having piled into the hotel at 01:15am fully Gin & Tonic’d up. My colleague I fear, may not be quite so lucky this morning – a bottle and a half of red wine is never that kind.

Still no time to complain… ‘not being kind’ is about to take on a whole new level. Ask us how we’re feeling in a couple of hours after being at the Streetworks Conference!


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  1. I’ve tagged you!

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