Rainy Bank Holiday

\'Watch me take this one and then watch it crumble into my face\'Well it’s a long weekend with the holiday Monday therefore queue torrential rain, gale force wind and temperatures low enough to make you drag your biggest jumpers out of the wardrobe. What a miserable affair this countrys weather is, I absolutely hate it.

Yesterday was the same although in the afternoon I got dressed up and went out in the garden to shovel my fullest compost bin into the borders – in the rain. And then I cut one of the hedges and I grimaced but looked like I was enjoying it if only as a two fingers up to the weather god. Ruin my entire bank holiday? I don’t think so.. look I’m CUTTING THE HEDGE.. In YOUR FACE! Only, it was in my face, quite literally as the tiny wet leaves and clippings repeatedly blew into my eyes and mouth and down the front of my jacket. I found most of them later in my pants.

Cameron spent the entire day under the cover of the garage door where he spent *worthwhile* time constructing a Guinea Pig leisure centre and spa out of wood and anything else that appeared useful. Such as motorcycle parts. I kid you not. The small shonky 4 sided box loosley tacked together with 8″screws and lined with a plastic bag fixed to the sides with sellotape is sat right in front of me. The grand opening of which hindered by foul weather. The rest of it is still on the garage floor – a larger four sided box surrounded by a wire fence which has been snipped off at the top being left to resemble razor wire provoking a reference to California State Pen from Wil when we were summoned to appreciate the hard effort.

Meanwhile Wil got in a shitty mood and stood in the garage with his hands in his pockets just waiting to bark at the next person unfortunate enough to say something he deemed sarcastic and vindictive to him, like “you’re gorgeous” or “would you like a cup of coffee?”. My comment about him finally reaching his dream of having a garage full of bikes went down like a hog roast at a barmitzfer so I disappeared and continued planting some herbs in a window box.

This morning we were awoken at 0800 by the sound of metal being pushed through a saw powered by a generator which then filled our bedroom with exhaust fumes via the open window. No, it wasn’t phase 2 of the GP pleasure park, just the builders who had arrived nice and early to continue work on the house being built over the garden hedge. Cameron got up and proceeded to wire the guinea pig cage up with his mini CCTV camera. I walked into the living room to find Minky’s MASSIVE face plastered up close and personal across the 42″ flat screen and then I got conned into playing a game of Jenga.

This is Foxsden taking advantage of ‘quality family time’ – get me some sunshine QUICK!


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