And THIS Is Why I’m A Working Mother

I’m off work for a couple of days during the school half term break to be with Cam only he’s reminded me this morning why doing this Mother/Son quality time DRIVES ME NUTS!

If repeated plays of this by your kid doesn’t make you reach up and tear your own ovaries off their branches I don’t know what will!

And to think all I had to be frustrated about today was Gordon Brown.



  1. a broad said

    OMG, my daughter loved this in UK when it was still just an ad on TV – many years ago before it became this irritating ‘movement’ and merchandise. I was ready to de-ovary myself then, so now I feel your pain…Although I am not sure who will make me crazy first – the frog or Gordon!!!!!

  2. foxsden said

    LMAO.. You’re not wrong – maybe it’s part of the Labour conspiracy. Someones going to peel Gordons face off one day to find the crazy frog underneath and before he starts up ‘pad-ddiiiiiinnngg ding dinging’ he’ll say ‘if it wasn’t for you pesky kids I’d have gotten away with it’.
    Hopefully this’ll all happen in France where they’ll rip his legs off and eat them.

    Sorry – I really think I have lost the plot now. 😦

  3. a broad said

    even with the best french culinary skills I don’t think ANYTHING could make gordon brown’s legs look yummy…gordon ramsay on the other hand – now that is a different story all together! 😉

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