Too Technical For My Own Good!

(This is an older story I hadn’t published from 15 May 2008 )

I spent the last couple of days with a hire car for business, it was a 2007 Seat Leon. After I’d spent two days fearing that I might be given something like a Nissan Micra to do the 500 mile round trip in I was relieved to see the sharp looking silver Seat awaiting my arrival in the work car park. First hurdle – figuring out how to unlock the doors!

Standing on the passenger side I pressed the unlock button on the key fob and then watched as the indicators gave a confirmatory flash and an audible ‘clunk’. I tried to open the passenger door – it was locked. I pressed the button again – doors remained locked. I pressed the button for the rear hatch – it wouldn’t open. The only door that I found unlocked was the driver door and from here I had to reach into the centre console to press an unlock button that released the other doors.

The fun continued when we arrived in Cardiff. The two of us pulled up in the layby outside the hotel and dumped our bags on the pavement. I left Di with the bags while I pulled the car across the road into the car park where I spent numerous attempts at locking the car but continuously found the drivers door wouldn’t lock. I even wondered if the key fob had some sort of sensor inside it that when located within a certain distance from the car would automatically unlock it… but then HOW would you lock the damn thing?! With that thought I walked several cars away down the car park, placed the key on the floor, walked back to the car and pulled on the drivers door. And, unsurprisingly watched it open.

With that, I left the damn thing unlocked and walked away accepting the fact that none of our stuff was in the car and it wasn’t my car anyway.

Two days later I returned to the car which was as I left it. I opened the door and was immediately deafened by the alarm. At least pressing the button on the key fob disabled the alarm even if it didn’t lock the damn door!

Myself and Di got in the car and headed over to the venue for the last day. When we arrived in the car park I was reminded again of the stupidity with the locks because this time all of our stuff WAS going to be left in the car. I handed the keys to Di, ‘here, see if you can get this damn thing to lock’.

She pushed the button and I opened the door. She pushed it again and again the lights flashed, the doors clunked but I was still able to open it. Looking perplexed she wandered around the car to the drivers door where I was stood with my fingers under the handle ready to pull the door open.

Then she did an amazing thing. She took the key, inserted it into the lock and turned it.

It locked.

Later someone took this photo of me driving home.


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  1. I wish that was you! That would be so funny 😆

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