Friday Night

Monky NutsAhh Friday night hath arrived and here I am completely dressed and wearing my dressing gown over the top of my clothes because it’s cold. And there he is assuming the usual position on the red chair with his feet up on the matching footrest, remote control in one hand and drink in the other, complaining about being hot.

Gin & Tonic sweating away onto a coaster next to me and he with his glass of water. Now he’s reciting lines from Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels simultaneously with the movie.

Dead pixel alert on the LCD tv – we both got up to investigate closer but its a false alarm, thank goodness. I don’t know where the warranty documents are.

My how times change – not so many moons ago I’d have been falling around a club by now on Gin no. 14 looking for my shoes, these days amusement comes from watching my other half crack a monkey nut in his arse cheeks.

We know how to live.



  1. Wes said

    Ahhh, don’t ya just love being older and wiser? Well, maybe older.

  2. Joker said

    So that’s how you get peanut butter 🙂

  3. foxsden said

    Unfortunately I can’t tell you because we only found out that it’s how you get monkey nut shell splinters in your arse and then gave up.

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