Testicular Euphorbia

That’s what the latin name of this plant should be. I’ve never had a good close look at it before, just admired it’s prettiness from afar. But upon close inspection with the macro function on the camera I was shocked to find it sporting a rather manly set of gonads!

More pictures of my favourite flowers in the garden on my Flickr – just click the image in this post.



  1. Wes said

    I figured that a 12 year old would come up with a name like that but no, it’s a 35 year old grown woman who did. I do wonder though if one little seed pocket descends more than the other one 🙂

  2. Joker said

    Who says nature doesn’t have balls?

  3. foxsden said

    If only I’d thought of that line to end my post! Nice one!

  4. Joker said

    Thanks dear. Feel free to add it if you like. 🙂


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