A Game For A Rainy Day

The sky opened up and the bottom fell out today. It absolutely hammered down here this afternoon and through into the evening. We had thunder and lightening and there will definitely be flooding on the way to work in the morning. Biking may not be the driest choice.

Still we pulled out a couple of games to play – does anyone remember Jacks? It’s quite an old traditional game although I’ve seen groups of old men playing it in other countries in recent years.

I was about 7 when I first remember playing and the idea is that you take the 16 metal Jacks and pile them in the palm of one hand. Then you flip the hand over and catch as many as you can on the back of your hand, between your fingers.

The Jacks that are caught get set aside then you take the little bouncy ball, bounce it while making a quick grab for each remaining Jack, catching the ball before it hits the floor again.

When you get really good you have to pick up more than one remaining Jack while the ball is in mid air. Not as easy at it sounds!

Wil bought me these from the http://www.hawkin.com shop in town, although I can’t find them on their website.



  1. Wilhelmet said

    I’m officially better than you at that game by the way.

  2. Foxsden said

    I know you are – it’s so much easier to catch those little buggers when you have webbed fingers.

  3. Wilhelmet said

    I’d make a comment about gingerness here but I can’t think of one.

    You win this time…..

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