Not Quite The Shroud Of Turin..

I stuck a sheet of paper through the laminating machine today not realising that I’d got two laminating pouches stuck together. When they emerged at the exit of the machine still toasty warm the sheet I’d intended to laminate was all bubbly which is when I realised it hadn’t become hot enough. That’s when I found the second sheet clinging to the back. Upon peeling them apart I discovered


<big boomy echoey voice>

The Turin Shroud of Laminating Pouches

</big boomy echoey voice>

Bob Marleys face emblazoned in all his Rastary greatness across the plastic sheet.

Okay, okay RIDICULOUS I know.. I thought Bob Marley but you’re right… it could well be Jesus.


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  1. Joker said

    Nah… Jesus only appears on crumpets, biscuits, tortillas, toast and waffles.

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