Zoomer Tank Top

I bought a plain tank top from Asda for £2.


Found and edited a photo of a Honda Zoomer in Photoshop to give it the ‘worn’ effect I wanted. I also put ‘Z O O M E R’ under the picture.


Used Epson Iron On Cool Peel Transfer Paper to print my picture on.

Ironed it onto the shirt with a hot iron, leaning on a towel on top of a table so the surface is not cushioned.

Finished result – awesomely cool Honda Zoomer tank top for £2 and some change!




  1. Joker said

    Great idea. Lets see if I can find someone to help me out because no photoshop I’m a great copywriter. 😀

  2. foxsden said

    Gonna be interesting to see how the print goes through the wash…On another note.. what the hell happened to the picture of me – its distorted because im a bit wider than that!

  3. foxsden said

    Joker – you wouldn’t be a certain ‘Grocer’ would you?

  4. jade said

    You are a clever little monkey! And I was going to comment on your rockin body but now I hear youre wider than that. Time for Jenny Craig? heehee.

  5. foxsden said

    That’s it.. I was going to send you this large box of chocolate and now I’m just gonna eat it.

  6. Lindy said

    I love playing with Photoshop & the iron-on thingys are so cool. I’ve made several t’s for gifts when I don’t have time for shopping. Everybody seems to love them. And yep, cheap enough, too.

  7. Wes said

    Well look what you did! Very creative and totally cool, good job.

  8. foxsden said

    Gold star for me huh!

  9. Joker said

    Regarding my being a grocer, no luv. No grocer here and odds are quite high for two things. 1. We’ve never met. 2. if we met I’d remind you of somebody. See i have a theory. You know there is the mold for the perfect man? Ok well below that mold is one for your average joe. Someone who looks like a friend, a cousin, a brother, a father, a boyfriend, an ex, a trick, a one time lover, someone who bumped to you in the mart, a dickhead from your 5th year literature class, a professor you hope would die, the butcher, the guy who sold you quiche the other day and the long lost son of your distant nana. In other words, I’m just a random stray enjoying the random musings of a most pleasant fox and her lovely clan. 🙂 but if any of this seems familiar, that’s wonderful as well


  10. foxsden said

    LMAO… you couldnt be more random that’s for sure!

  11. joker said

    One does what one can luv. Cheers 😉

  12. Michael said

    great lens and comments were funny lol

  13. Foxsden said

    🙂 Thanks Michael

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