That’s Not Music, That’s Noise



Can you hear that?

Can you hear that ear cringeing feedback as the mic repeatedly gets held too close to the speaker?

Can you hear the distortion as his mouth eats the mic with each tone deaf murmur and mis-interpreted lyric?

Are your teeth set on edge from each wrong note strummed on that guitar while the demo tune plays from it’s own speaker competing heavily against the racket already pouring from the speaker on the Karaoke machine?.

And don’t forget the feedback….Ohh the feedback..

It’s 07:45am OF COURSE YOU CAN HEAR IT. It sounds like someone woke you from a dead sleep by dropping a box full of tambourines on your face.

You get to hear it every morning in this house because this 10 year old thinks he sounds like a popstar. And maybe one day with all this practice he might be a popstar and when he is as long as he remembers all those mornings he woke me with this noise he takes pity and is sure to put me in one of the nursing homes that don’t let me sit in my own poo I won’t complain too much. Until then I shall enjoy this breath of relief and pay hommage to the £20 it cost me to send him on Cub Scout Camp for the weekend.

Yay Cubs.



  1. Joker said

    The brutal obsession with Rock Band and Guitar Hero might be a curse for some, but I honestly think that people have simply stumbled upon a battered inner child that needed some dire tender love and care. That children are totally hooked into this is no surprise either, but how long has it been since a dad or mum played videogames with their children and enjoyed themselves?

  2. foxsden said

    Well it wasn’t too long ago in this household since the introduction of Mario Kart on the Wii..We tend to have a good time on that. I think the Nintendo has managed to create a games console for people (usually mums) who dislike games consoles in the Wii. I’ve yet to play guitar hero though.. I hear rave reviews about it.

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