Canopic Jar

Canopic Jar

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Cameron has been learning about ancient Egypt at school culminating in an organised trip around the 02 Arena in London to see the Tutankhamun exibit.

The by product of this educational activity was this Canopic Jar, which for some reason I keep calling a ‘myopic jar’, much to Cameron’s protest.

Cameron created this out of some sort of plaster stuff smeared around a costa coffee cup – which is a bloody good job they’re usefull for something and you’ll find out why I say that in a post coming your way soon. Then he’s painted it beautifully in the Arsenal FC away strip colours, including some lovely hieroglyphics down the front which probably reads ‘SHUT IT YOU SLAAAAG’ in a rough (London) mockney accent.

A Canopic Jar, if you, like me were completely unaware was used in the process of mummification for storing odds & sods like the stomach, intestines, lungs and liver. They would use one jar for each organ and each jar had a different head representing one of the four sons of Horus, the guardians of the organs.

I’m not sure which head Cameron’s jar has on it but you can pretty much guarantee knowing my kid the only thing he’ll be storing in it is a fart ready to pop the lid off and throw in mine or Wil’s face later because he’s totally adorable like that.


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  1. Wes said

    Yes the ancient art of “Fart Tossing” could be practiced with this prized Canopic Jar. Excellent job he did on creating this!

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