Mongol Rally

The Seventy SevenersMy friend Cedric has teamed up with a friend named Paul Jackson to do the Mongol Rally.

That’s right Paul has voluntarily decided to put himself in a 23year old 970cc engined vehicle to drive 10,000 miles from London to Mongolia with Cedric, a Frenchman.

I don’t know if they intend on sharing the driving but if they are I’m willing to bet that Paul has never put himself in a car with Ced before because if he had he’d know that Ced only drives flat out, with his knees guiding the wheel whilst watching the scenery through the passenger side mirror. A truely terrifying experience. Ced’s car doesn’t so much propell itself as it does slipstream every other vehicle on the road, getting towed along in the vortex. Ced in a car could be perceived as the car/road version of a pinball machine game if you were to watch him drive from one end of town to the other from an aerial view.

Paul – getting to Mongolia is going to be the least of your worries.

I jest, I jest….. but I realise that black box on the top of your car isn’t a coffin because Ced’s going to have to have somewhere to store 672 boxes of Fruit & Fibre cereal and 30,000 gallons of UHT milk… and since he’s French, probably a pocket full of indescribable parts of small creatures no one else would think to eat.

Guys – best of luck with your trip, I’m sure you’ll have a riot. I’ve never met Paul but I’ve known few people as good as Cedric is at sending themselves up and seeing the humour in their own sillies and if you get in any bother get that kickboxing champion riled up!

I’m linking you over there —> in the side bar and encourage everyone to follow your progress and sponsor if possible.



  1. Paul said

    Thanks for the warning Foxy! I knew of Cedrics motorbike exploits but foolishly thought he’d be calmer behind a steering wheel… oh well, I guess after 10,000 miles i’ll be used to it… or dead!

    Thanks for the support!


  2. foxsden said

    After 10,000 miles you’ll be curled up in the glove box!

    All the best for your trip – I’m dead excited for you.

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