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Puzzle FarterWhen I was 8years old I think my mum envisaged a time (from when I was about 10) that my facination with toilet humour would die a little death.

Sorry – but at 35 1/2 years old here I am, having a little Saturday morning lay-in with my MacBook and a frothy frappy, fatty, chatty, latte steaming away on the bedside table giggling away at this Flash game.

And with WIl propped up reading a copy of PB Magazine next me its like having digital surround sound.



  1. That is fantastic!!!!

    But I can’t even get past level 2. I suck at puzzle farting.

  2. foxsden said

    Hahaha – I got to level 9!

  3. Auntie Christ said

    I can’t blow my way to the top door in level one! I’ll go have some beans and sausage and see if that helps.

  4. foxsden said


    I have since made it to level 11, so I’m improving. Sadly each level makes me giggle just as much as the one before :-/

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