Weedy Arms

Given my dedication to keeping fit I should find it no problem launching myself into training for 5krun/23kbike/5krun, well that’s what I thought until I began running again and 15 minutes in to the ‘Hill Run’ program on my treadmill I got the achiest arms EVER. Both of my arms began to get a dull ache emanating from the front of my shoulders down to the crook of my elbows, right through both biceps. It felt like I was having trouble holding my own arms up!

And I think I know why.

A couple of years ago I had a nasty accident when mountain biking in Scotland. I dislocated my shoulderblade, collarbone and arm and broke my collar bone in 2 places and splintered the end of it so badly that after poking it back through the skin the end had to be cut off so they could screw it back down onto my shoulder. For obvious reasons I’ve been very protective of that shoulder and arm because GOD HELP ME if I EVER experience pain like that again. I’d rather be trampled by Bison.

Bison wearing stilettos.

I also consider myself lucky, given the extent of the damage that I have a fully functioning arm today. However, in light of the damage I did and the fact that I have never made this arm as strong as it was it is now quite pathetic. The trouble is because I baby the left arm, the right one generally gets an easy life too so now I have TWO WEEDY ARMS that seem to have trouble with the smallest of jobs such as holding their own weight while I run or holding the hairdryer above my head for the 45 minutes it takes to dry my hair – which is something I find SHOCKING. I’ve tried passing this off on the fact I do have very thick ropelike hair which does take an age to dry, but….

who am I trying to kid?

I’m on the downhill approach to 40 and if I’m not careful I’m going to have a set of arms that resemble Pat Butchers and I don’t think I’m quite ready for a part time job as a dinner lady at school.

That’s when I found www.hundredpushups.com and their promise of being able to do 100 pushups in 6 weeks if I train 3 times a week. I can do this because I currently exercise 3 mornings a week before leaving for work, 10 minutes extra will not be missed.

The first thing I have to do according to the site is figure out how many pushups I can do now. The answer to that can be seen in the video. Then looking at the table I can find out what my workout plan will be.

Just one question. The site reads:

“So, you’ve completed your initial test and you’re keen to start the program? Great! If you managed 5 or less push ups in the test, follow column 1″.

Have you looked at column 1? HAVE YOU? Because I have and I’ll tell you what it says. It says to do 2 pushups on the first day!

I have a bit of a stumble on the starting blocks here. If I can’t do a single push up right now HOW THE HELL AM I GOING TO DO 2 TOMORROW?

Stick with me on this one – I’m going to bring you a video each week of my progress and we’ll see if the program works.



  1. So funny! But I’m the same. When you were doing the full ones you looked like you were arching your back a bit, I think (and I need to practice what I preach) you need to pull your abs up more and not arch your back. Easier said than done…!

  2. Tilly Mint said

    That was the funniest thing I’ve seen for ages. Thanks for the giggles. It also made me get down and try too – I already know that I can’t do full press ups, because of an old back injury, but I was crap at the girly ones too – even though I used to be able to do them with no problems at all.


  3. foxsden said

    Arching my back? I think that was my shoulderblades about to burst through from the pressure of trying to raise my upper body while my abs tried to drop on the floor. What a degrading experience.

    Tilly it wasn’t long ago that I could do the girly pushups – I don’t know when I lost the ability! Keep on top of these things!

  4. I have not laughed so much for ages. Unfortunately you have ignited my somewhat competitive streak and now you have me and BN doing this alongside you! ah ha!!

  5. Lee said

    Good luck

  6. foxsden said

    Nutty, thats ace – I’ll be posting on this weekly so you can keep me updated with how you’re doing too.

    Lee – thanks for dropping in – I appreciate everyones feedback!

  7. I just joined yesterday! Good luck!

  8. foxsden said

    Thanks Teena – you’ve got a good head start on me by the looks of it – TEN INITIAL PUSHUPS!!!!

  9. Mickey said

    You gotta eat lightnin’ an’ crap thunder!

  10. Mickey said

  11. foxsden said

    LMAO – I’ll give the face of fire damaged lego a miss if we’re going Rocky stylee!

  12. […] – about 2 days ago, I read this post.. Whilst it gave me one of the first belly laughs for ages, it also ignited my rather competitive […]

  13. Wes said

    Well at least you didn’t shit yourself. I tried it once and well, let’s just say it wasn’t pleasant. Keep going Ren!!!! You Can Do it!!

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