Mmmm Rubbery!

I found this on Hoax Slayer as confirmed ‘true’. It’s about USED condoms that are being recycled and used under coloured thread to create hairbands! Although the thought of it is gross and the article labels it as ‘threatening to spread disease the condoms were made to prevent’ I really don’t think you have to worry unless you’re using these to make pony tails and braids in a different place than I do pony tails – which

would be on my head. Even at that I’m sure these have gone through a rigourous cleansing before having the covering placed on them.

The thing that boggles my mind is, as a factory manufacturing recycled condom hairbands how the hell do you get your supplies? Do they have a Sales Executive striking deals with all the brothels over in Bangkok? Used for new maybe? Who has the wonderful job of collecting them? Is there a deposit box in an inconspicuous wall somewhere or do they just hire kids to sit with catcher buckets next to cars parked up in the quiet corner of McDonalds car park?

This enquiring mind needs to know!



  1. Allison said

    I’m guessing that the company has a representative who circles college dormitories on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Ew.

  2. That’s really quite disturbing!

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