5×5 Vignettes

I found a project in the Vimeo Forums which required you put together a 5×5 Vignette. That is, 5 video clips each 5 seconds long.

This is my contribution to that project with clips I took in my garden over the last month or so.



  1. Auntie Christ said

    Is that one of those lawn mowers from the future? Ours all have little wheels!

    Neat how everyday occurances cropped and strung together seem beautiful. I got here by searching for “tits” by the way…..

  2. Foxsden said

    LOL.. I bet you did!!!

    .. when I lived in the states all I wanted was a good old Flymo! They’ve been around for years – the appeal being that the blade underneath gives it a bit of a hover action so it floats across your grass. In reality Auntie Christ, they are shit.

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