Another Vignette Y’all

I’ve really had fun with this – such a simple thing to do but very effective. Wil took the shots on this one of me riding my scooter.

When you’ve finished watching this grainy rubbish go see how great video and music are done by a pro. This vid of the surf at The Gold Coast by Geoff Charters sent chills up both arms and right down my back this morning. Absolutely stunning.

Oh and while we’re on the subject of videos…. 100 Pushups update coming your way this weekend!



  1. Auntie Christ said

    Where’s your armor and leathers? Roadrash hurts!

  2. foxsden said

    Alright Mum!

    It’s a good question and this is just my opinion.. Leathers and armour generally are not worn by people on 50cc scooters over here because they are mechanically restricted to 28mph (and basically you could go faster on a bicycle). Since 50cc’s are derestricted they don’t fall into the category of needing a full motorcycle license to ride them so, you get (historically) old ladies wearing skirts and teenage boys who don’t have a driving license using them. The latter prefer to go faster and hence, derestrict the 50cc’s to get anywhere from 40-60mph out of them. I guess if you’re kitted up like a Moto GP rider, you’d be drawing attention to yourself from the feds, not the kind of attention you want when you’ve derestricted your bike! Aside from that – you’d probably be considered a right storm trooper if you leathered up for a 50cc scooter. That said, I have been eyeballing a nice little leather jacket that had elbow and shoulder armour disguised in it at the bike shop.

    I don’t make a habit of riding around with shorts, flip flops and thin shirt on – it’s just what I was wearing when I hopped on to do these clips.

    Helmet on the other hand – wouldn’t consider moving my scoot or without it!

  3. Auntie Christ said

    You really need this pimpy scoot:


    I see lots of folks riding with just the little skid lid or no jacket. I like to eat solid food so full face helmet is the only way to go. I’m sure skin grafts hurt too, so I always wear a jacket. Go for textile (more water resistant) and make sure it has vents and a zip in liner so you can scoot in the winter. Cheers!

  4. foxsden said

    What the HELL is that!!!? That’s mental but I wouldn’t be seen dead on it lol..

    Is that your flickr site? Lots of Bergmans on there.. I could see myself on that Majesty, quite nice that.

  5. Auntie Christ said

    No, no, not mine…although I think the Helix is cool in an anti-cool sort of way. In my mind the designers of the Majesty said “How can we update the Helix and make it look more Flash Gordon?” Modifying scooters is pretty huge in Japan, sort of like Hispanics doing low rider cars in the USA.

  6. Little brother said

    Hey nicely shot, although I couldn’t get the intro to Postman Pat out of my head as I was watching it 🙂

  7. foxsden said

    Maybe I’ll be the Postman Pat tribute, only on a scooter with Luna sat on the back as opposed to a cat..

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