Strange People

I’d just like to say, I’m a little uncomfortable with something I saw while looking at my blog dashboard this morning.

Top Searches (ie: things people have typed into a search engine which have led them to my blog)

What do you think might be top of the list? – ‘Foxsden’, ‘angry stuff’, ‘videos’, ‘ranting pastey ginger from Suffolk’?


This….. ‘carol vorderman tits’

If you’ve just turned up here via a link from Google after searching for these words. Allow me to ensure you’re very aware of HOW SAD AND WEIRD YOU ARE.



  1. Joker said

    Dear…. you’re not the only one.

    Just goes to show the lengths people will go to just to see tits or cock… or cock fingering… or any of the other dirty naughty nasty things that have led would be pedophiles to an advertising blog.

  2. foxsden said

    That’s great… now people will find my blog from even dirtier words. You had to lower the tone Joker 🙂

  3. LOL!
    How are the push ups coming along? I tried to do them on the Wii Fit and collapsed on my first one. Oh dear…

  4. foxsden said

    Ohhh.. its a horrid experience isn’t it.. Stick with it, it gets better but you have to go very slowly. I’ll update more at the weekend on my experience!

  5. Joker said

    But of course dear fox. Anything to help with the webhits you get.

    Cheers and by the way

    shit, cunt, motherfucker, anal probing, two girls one cup, global warming and yetty penis. Enjoy the spike in visitors 😉

  6. Auntie Christ said

    What’s going on? I was doing research on the sexual habits of the Sasquatch and I just landed here!

  7. jade said

    The most common search word that gets people to my blog is ‘haemmorhaging’ and it makes me think of all these poor people out there, bleeding profusely and reading about my issues, hoping theres a rememdy for massive blood loss somewhere in amongst it all.

  8. Wes said

    Darn, busted! I am so sorry that you found me searching for the tits keyword. I have found that sometimes if i type in, “plushaphilia”, or the phrase, “nipple clamps”, then I wind up on sites such as this. I don’t know why the word “plushaphilia” or the phrase, “nipple clamps”, would put me on a site like this but there you go.

    Oh I meant to say that I am glad that you don’t have content that relates to, “plushaphilia”, or the funny devices known as “nipple clamps” on your site 🙂

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