100 Push Up Challenge Part 2

Today is one week on from my first attempt at doing a pushup. Last Saturday I found www.hundredpushups.com and decided to take up the 6 week challenge of training to do 100 pushups in 6 weeks.

Unfortunately my arms were even more feeble than I realised and I quickly faced the humbling experience of finding out I couldn’t even support my own weight while lowering myself to the floor let alone dream about pushing back up.

On Sunday I began working to get my arms to a point that I might one day be able to raise my own body weight off the floor.

I figured I’d start by mastering girl pushups (kneeling) and lowering myself to a level before the point of no return, this was only about 3″ down from arms fully extended, then I held it there until I couldn’t hold it anymore. I did this 5 times and each time my arms became more feeble and very shakey.

On Monday and Tuesday I repeated what I’d done on Sunday, only on Tuesday I found I was able to go a bit lower than I had before. I also started doing the plank exercise as it’s pretty good for strengthening a whole range of muscles around your abs, back and shoulders. Once I’d propped myself on my elbows and toes I just held it as long as I could. This made me feel like I was experiencing an earthquake because my whole body shuddered uncontrollably while my unused muscles screamed!

On Wednesday my pecs felt sore so I rested.

On Thursday I lowered myself as far as I could and did this 6 times, rested, then repeated twice completing 18 ‘halfway’ girl pushups, or 3 sets of 6.

On Friday I did the same as Thursday and found I was able to touch my nose on the floor before pushing back up. A stunning contrast to just 6 days earlier.

Given my gammy shoulder I’m not going to hurry to start the proper full on pushups so my 6 weeks is going to begin next Saturday following one more week of strengthening my arms.

Therefore I’m calling this ‘The 2 Week Weedy Arm Assault’…. now for the fun bit….



  1. Wes said

    Just so you know, and I think you do, that you two are absolutely mental. However, this is good because I feel normal watching you two crackers. πŸ˜›

  2. Don said

    A girl trying to do push-ups is cool. Keep it up. Maybe you can become the bully at work. πŸ˜‰

  3. foxsden said

    We’re the normal ones, everyone else is mental..

    Don – Thank you.. I’m very determined so watch this space! (I’m already a bully at work πŸ™‚

  4. The flapjack was ingenious! Well done πŸ™‚ I haven’t managed to do one on the Wii Fit yet. I think I might have to do the challenge after all. Darn.

  5. foxsden said

    Thanks! Does the Wii Fit know if you’ve got all the way down or not?

  6. Joker said

    Regarding the Wii Fit. I think it does or at least senses the pressure you put on the stepper. Problem is that since you have to put your arms closer together, this actually makes pushups harder. Regardless, kudos on the progress in one week. From being barely able to hold your own weight you’re now onto normalcy and if there is any naysayer, just give em a good slap while chewing on a flapjack. Cheers and happy pressing.

  7. foxsden said

    Oh yeah I bet it does – it cripples me to have my hands any closer than shoulder width apart and that’s pushing it a bit.

  8. I feel very humble in the presence of your full body pushupness.

    I can only do girly ones… I think I’m also going to have to work on my depth of pressupness… I think I can go deeper man πŸ™‚

    I am very very impressed!

  9. foxsden said

    LOL thank you oh meager one!

    When boobs hit the floor I know I’ve gone far enough. If you’re lacking boobage stick a cup under your chest..

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