That’s My Boy

I’d just like to point your attention to a video that Cameron made this morning all on his own. I didn’t even know he’d done it until he called me to watch, so it was 100% his effort.

I’d really appreciate it if you would watch it (it’s less than 20 seconds long) and leave him some comments on his Vimeo page so he’s encouraged to keep it up.. Cheers



  1. Wes said

    I am sooooo proud of him and absolutely tickled that he made this! The music was perfect for it!

  2. Don said

    Your son is 10 years old and he did this. Kids are way too smart these days.

  3. Joker said

    honestly consider making a full music video. It’s quite fun indeed and makes you think what else he can come up with that is endlessly better than supposed professionals.

  4. Lindy said

    Cam, you’re a natural. I see a career in video production. Who knows you may be the next MTV producer. Keep up the great work, dude!!

  5. Auntie Christ said

    Cool Cameron….now make those shoes walk right out the door!

    I like mommies wellies, too.

  6. foxsden said

    Can’t thank you all enough for that.. he’s dead pleased!

  7. […] I totally pinched it from Foxsden’s son Cam, so all credit to him for giving me the idea.  I’ve just realised I’ve […]

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