Ok, Maybe I Am, Just A Little…

SmugI feel on top of the world today. Not wishing to jinx myself here but its been 7 months since my last migraine, if I make it a year I will be overjoyed. The sun has been shining which is fantastic and guaranteed to put one in a good mood – I’m happiest when I’m warm. Not only that but I was seriously beginning to wonder if I’d experience sweaty hands this year while I’m sat at my desk at work and today was a super sweaty hand day.

This evening I went along on my own to a local running club for the first time. Training for the duathlon in September has been going ok with me running on the treadmill 3 times a week and biking to work twice and getting in a longer run/ride outside on the weekend. I’ve also been doing the pushup challenge so my fitness is increasing. However, it can get a bit lonely and my motivation does wane when I’m constantly working out on my own. The only problem is having a running partner wouldn’t necessarily help things because I prefer to run at my own pace – bit of a dilemma. This is where the running club comes in because you get to train with a large group of people but everyone goes at their own pace. I didn’t know what to expect and I felt a little bit anxious turning up alone but I soon found there were loads of other women who’d come on their own and many had only been a handful of times.

One of the training exercises we did was in groups of 4 and on a sort of ‘relay’ style. At one point we were asked to run about 50 yards to a line where we then needed to perform 10 reps of a particular exercise. The choices were starjumps, spotty dogs, sit ups or pushups.

I waited second in line of my team and watched as the girl ahead of me ran the 50 yards and carried out 10 starjumps. As she returned I felt excitement brewing and I stood poised on my starting line, one foot forward ready to leap into action as her hand tagged my outstretched hand.

I ran across the grass staring at the small white cone marking my stopping point, then the line came in sight and that’s when I hit the grass on hands and knees and busted out 10 complete perfect girl pushups. Something that just 10 days ago I couldn’t have done if my life depended on it.

If smugness comes in 10 girl pushups I just supercharged my motivation for the real thing. 100 pushups here I come!



  1. yay!! Go you!

    I have done a peak of 26 – managed 2 tonight but I’m getting there. We’ve also decided to follow the program but pinch it for sit ups.

    We started that tonight and I managed 26 sit ups so we’re going to follow level 3. Starting Thursday.

    Me..? Competitive?

    Not me πŸ™‚

  2. foxsden said

    That’s excellent, I think you’e ahead of me with 26. Tell you what I’ve found more effective than situps ‘the plank’ on the front and side. You don’t feel like you’re putting in as much effort but I think it provides results quicker. I’ve got a 6 pack from doing this exercise while training for the pushups.

    Look here: http://exercise.about.com/od/abs/ss/abexercises_10.htm

    You also do it on the side as well, leaning on one forearm and the sides of your feet. Basically hold youself as still and straight as you can for as long as you can. If you’re not in a whole body shudder in a few seconds you’re not working hard enough! πŸ™‚

  3. Joker said

    I feel like a lazy shit from reading this but I can still do my few reps of various exercises. My problem comes from running and the afterpain which is a bitch. Regardless, congrats on the ΓΌber motivation and glad you found a group to help stay in line. Cheers luv

  4. Joker said

    BTW… what would a smug twat look like? Al grinning and whatnot πŸ˜€

  5. foxsden said

    If you’re getting pain after running perhaps you’re doing too much at once? That said we did an hour of sprinting work on Tuesday night and I’ve felt that since! Brits have a different meaning of the word twat than the US.. it’s meant more like ‘idiot’..I’m guessing you were thinking down another line πŸ™‚

  6. Joker said

    I know UK uses it in such a context, but it’s just funny to try and think of a smug twat in the US sense of the word. It’s like words such as git, bollocks, wanker, etc. except that in this case, I couldn’t help but crack a smile at the thought of a cocky arrogant vagina. πŸ™‚

    Regarding my running habits or lack of them, I’m just not into the running bit that much and when I go for it my body is telling me “What the hell were you thinking!!!”

    and btw, I always think under the line love. The brain is permanently in the gutter. Makes for better reading πŸ˜‰

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