Sad Old Losers

Does the term ‘Social Networking’ make you bring up a little bit of sick in the back of your throat like when you’ve jumped about too much after a big meal and a bottle of pop and then hiccup’d? Yeah me too.

I just read Jokers post on AdSuck and completely related with his frustration over FaceBook.

I HATE that website, I HATE the whole idea of it, I HATE that people feel the need to increase their social status by digging up people they haven’t seen since stealing their boyfriend at school. I also hate that I have people whom I’m interested enough in to have signed up for an account just so I could view their photos! I’ve had people I’ve never heard of in my life attempt to ‘be my friend’ and if anyone so much as thinks about ‘poking’ me I’ll send them a freeze dried squashed kitten in the post as my way of saying ‘thanks’.

There are many ways of keeping up with friends – texts, emails and personal visits work well for me. Dammit – get yourselves a blog or build a website, use Flickr to display your photos with a bit more self respect but don’t berate me with your virtual hugs and sexy requests!

(Thanks to Digger for the Image above – please click it for more detail)



  1. hmmm…. I don’t mind facebook *ducks and runs*

    I found 4 really good friends through it I hadn’t seen for ten years – we all lost touch – and also found two really good friends from school through it.

    I stick up for fb a little bit …. but not too much cos you’ve frightened me!! Especially now with your new strong arms!!! 😉

  2. Matt said

    Very funny post! It’s an interesting world we live in…the need for social interactions combined with a desire to do so in private, dark rooms while wearing sweat pants.

  3. jade said


    Facebook got me back in touch with my half brother, my long lost cousins and some highschool friends I thought Id lost forever when I moved away. I know the applications are cheesy, but Ive still managed to get into throwing cakes at people and growing fictitous gardens. So there!


  4. foxsden said

    Gooooordon bennet you two, you disappoint me. Thank goodness Matt knows exactly what’s going on.

  5. Shefaly said


    Everything is good and bad. I do not like the ‘social networking’ part of it but I have used FB successfully to put in touch 2 kids, ok guys in their 20s, who are my nephews (their parents being my cousins) but who did not meet each other much as the family tree expands. I am in touch with a large number of young nephews and nieces who do not otherwise have time for emails etc. Most of them do not blog or care to share photos on FLickr either. The status messages allow us to know about one another’s lives without much effort. I am in touch now with old school friends, some college friends and some grad school friends. Those are not friends can easily be barred from seeing your photos etc through privacy settings, and mine are the highest possible. In that way I am old fashioned and do not make friends with people I have never met (two exceptions – 2 bloggers who read my blog and whose blogs I read and with whom I have had a lot of offline communication and whose real identities, I daresay, I have verified in the real world through real world sources such as alumni networks). It is not all bad 🙂

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