Global Warming??? Next You’ll Be Telling Me The World Is Round

I'm Hot!

I'm Hot!

Back in the day I remember we had summer. The long weeks of the school summer holiday were plagued with misery from burning myself so bad at that damn open air swimming pool that I spent the following week stuck to my sheets while my skin slid off my body into my bed. Only to be interrupted by my mum who’d poke her head in the door and helpfully say things like “you silly girl, you know better than to sit out in the sun all day”… Never mind taking me to the emergency room for second degree burns and much needed rehydration. Those bloody freckles I was blessed with never did join up to become the olive complexion I’d always wished for.

These days it’s not the sun you have to watch out for it’s your sodding heating bill. Because here we are in the middle of JULY with 13 degrees celsius, thats 55 degrees fahrenheit to you old worlders, galeforce wind, rain, hail and thunderstorms!… I’m freezing my knackers off. I nearly put the damn heating on last night.

I may as well start prepping my garden because at this rate we’re going to end up as a cold weather refuge for all the polar bears who are getting melted out in the arctic.



  1. DangerBoyWil said

    Here’s an interesting fact: Polar Bear fur is actually transparent and their colour comes from their surroundings*. Which means if they end up in our garden we won’t even know they are there. Unless we see a bear shaped pond by the bins.

    *Or skin. I can’t remember, but it ruins the next bit.

  2. Joker said

    That bear needs a Coke 🙂

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