100 Pushup Challenge Part 3

Ok I’m a week behind with video but to be fair I haven’t made much progress, yet it’s not through lack of trying.

I’m doing girl pushups daily, small sets of however many I can do followed by a good attempt at the proper pushups and a couple of plank poses just to work on my stomach and back muscles. It seems that when I try to do pushups one of the parts that lets me down is my form. My middle immediately starts to try to hit the floor and I become this bendy thing made up of shoulder blades pointing one way and stomach sinking the other.

I’m disappointed that I’m nowhere near being able to partake in the schedule laid out by the 100 pushups website but I think there are reasons for that, the biggest one being the massive injury I had to my shoulder some time ago. I was never going to be able to pick this challenge up and start it just like that with no preparation. I’ve also had days where my shoulder has been a bit painful because of the effort I’ve put in so I’ve had to back off a bit and be more careful. I probably should take doctors advice to do what I’m attempting to do – but I don’t like going to the doctors so I’m just going to have to use a bit of common sense and do what I’m doing – back off if it hurts.

So here it is – end of week 3 (I think) although it seems more. I’ve done this video on Sunday evening – absolutely shattered and here are my excuses.

I spent most of Saturday erecting a fence in the back garden, lumping heavy posts and planks of wood about as well as digging holes, sawing wood and hammering nails. We followed this up with a spot of grocery shopping at Sainsburys and then tainted the entire evenings atmosphere by stopping on the way to the store to kill a rabbit which had just had it’s back legs run over, but was otherwise laying there very much alive and suffering. I couldn’t bare to drive past it so I made Wil turn around and go and finish it off, which he did very quickly and as humanely as possible. For the three of us, all vegetarians and very fond of animals, it was a horrid, horrid thing.

Today I got up early and ran 4 miles to the next village and back, then immediately got on my bike and cycled for 10 minutes so as to get in some practice for the duathlon in September. I then did 2 loads of washing, baked 2 loaves of banana bread, cleaned the fish tank, cut Cams hair, ironed a pile of laundry, cleaned out the Guinea Pigs, made dinner and then collapsed in a heap on the sofa before leaping into action one more time in order to bring you some rather crappy entertainment. That’s determination for you! That’s also why I couldn’t pull the pushups together as well as I think I could do another time. So, hopefully next week will look a bit better.

And finally – I’m not proof reading this before posting it because I want to go to bed so please excuse bad grammar and spelling. (When I say bad, I mean worse than usual)




  1. jade said

    Good god woman, you’re gonna be one buff ‘n’ cut shelia!

  2. foxsden said

    LOL buff n’ cut sounds like a car valet service!

  3. Wes said

    I think about at the 10 mark it looked as though you were doing the old school break beatin’ dance style called, “The Worm”. The giggles will get you every time!

  4. foxsden said

    I lose concentration and let my abs go. Maybe I’ll just bust out a bit of breakdancing next time.

  5. You are way better than me!! I haven’t quite got the confidence to post a video yet – mainly because I think I’d hear you laughing from here!

    But I am still doing it – last week got a bit hectic because of my birthday and going away and stuff – there never seemed to be the time … but straight back on it this week. Just re-did last day of week 2 on Monday and then tonight it’s week 3 day 1.

    I’m pretty into it – still doing the sit ups as well but still waiting for visible results on the old figure. Definitely got results on my ability though so I think it’s all worth it.

    Love your video! So very funny 🙂

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