“Kids… Don’t try this at home!”

I just had the best laugh I’ve had in ages playing back a ton of video clips Cameron took earlier with his friends. I was a bit reluctant to let him out the door with my camera, his telescope tripod and a wireless microphone but it turned out to be worth it. If you’ve got kids I highly recommend turning them loose with thier own camera or getting them a little cheapie camera they can take outside. And whether you’ve got kids or not, if you’ve got a spare 4 minutes and 25 seconds, turn your sound up and have a look at this….  I love Mad Haz’s dramatic commentary and the way he accidently slips in and out of his faux American announcer accent!

Cameron’s second video production! ‘Stunt O’ Matic’ with music  ‘Matador’ by The Arctic Monkeys



  1. Wes said

    I saw a swing swing by itself once, and yes, it was scary. The first rule about sunt club is you don’t talk about stunt club. BRAVO my boy! Braaaavo!!!

  2. DangerBoyWil said

    Utter class – had me in stitches. Harrington Marmaduke should present Top Gear.

    Good editing as well, ‘specially the Swing swinging on its own.

  3. Joker said

    The bodyguard/spy in the background is pure class.

  4. foxsden said

    Yeah! “He’s a bodyguard, no I mean a spy, no I mean a security man!” That made me laugh too… as did his flailing armed run in the background behind the car and across to the green.

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