100 Pushup Challenge Part 4. (or 3 depending on which way you look at it)

I’ve now had 2 double Gins so if this is incoherent gibberish just read every 4th word to come up with something that makes sense.

The Pushup Challenge is going ok I guess. I’m not thrilled and excited about my progress because frankly by this point I expected a bit more out of myself. However, I think, through no fault of my own I haven’t been able to achieve that imaginary goal I had because of my gammy shoulder. If you’re just now joining the topic – my left shoulder is held together with a large screw and a metal plate and a couple of tendons robbed from elsewhere in said shoulder due to a serious mountain biking injury I had a couple of years ago. Therefore I think to expect it to be able to raise and lower my entire body weight 100 times is asking a bit too much and despite many weeks of building myself up to it gradually I am unable to do a full proper pushup so I have reached the decision to just complete this challenge by doing girly pushups. I feel like a bit of a cop out doing this but it is listed as an alternative method of completing the task on the 100 pushup website – therefore I shall make my excuses and go with it.

As rubbish as I feel for copping out I guess I do have some triumph in that in the beginning I was unable to do a single girly pushup and now I’m doing sets of at least 10 so I have made progress.

Anyway – as I said – fuelled by Gin, so it’s a bit drawn out but here’s the video!



  1. *snigger*

    I still can’t do a single one.

    So when are you off to THE OUTER HEBRIDES?

  2. foxsden said

    LOL… he’s still on about it and it’s still making me laugh. Mid August…It’s going to be a right old adventure.

  3. I love how you two can make each other laugh so much.

  4. foxsden said

    He’s good fun, I’m an easy laugh – I guess thats a good combo!

  5. Shefaly said

    These videos are great. I somehow had a picture of you based on that avatar so found it hard to imagine you as a mum of a 10-year old. 🙂

    Also inspiring. I need to start doing more push-ups :-/

  6. foxsden said

    I find it hard to imagine I’m a mum to a 10 year old too! Glad you find it inspiring.. it does feel wonderful to catch a reflection in a window or mirror and see I have some shape to my previously noodle like appendages.

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