Busy Day



It’s been a non-stop day starting out with an early rise in order to get Cameron to the airport for his midday flight to the states to stay with his dad for the summer holiday. This trip is nothing new for the boy since he’s been flying back and fourth to the states all his life but what did make today different was the fact he took the flight by himself for the first time.

Ever since we lived here and his dad lived there his dad either made the trip here to pick Cam up or I took him over but now that he’s 10 and the prices of flights has nearly doubled since last year the choice was for him to do the trip alone (on British Airways unaccompanied minor program) or potentially not go at all. Cam decided without hesitation that he’d have no problem going alone. Since he’s quite mature and confident I didn’t think he’d have any problems either so that’s what he did leaving Wil and I and his dad fretting at either end whilst he was up in the air for 9 hours. I can’t tell you what a horrid feeling it is to check your child in at the airport and then watch as someone just walks off with them!

He got there ok anyway. I’ve just had a phone call from a very wide awake, chatty and excited kid who I’ve no doubt will now fall asleep within minutes of getting in the car and then wake his dad up at 03:30. Ha! Have some of that pops!

Meanwhile we needed to go do something to kill time besides watching the phone for 9 hours. So, after leaving the airport once we knew the flight had taken off we came home, loaded up the bikes and headed to the reservoir for a quick lap before closing time.

It wasn’t so much a quick lap due to a few small issues, the main one being my SPD pedals. For those who are not familiar with Shimano Pedal Dynamics allow me… You wear a shoe with a metal cleat fixed into the sole. This cleat then clips into the small sprung pedal and to get your foot in – you place your foot on to the pedal and push down until you get an audible ‘CLICK’. Now you’re fixed to your bike and as well as pushing each pedal down to propell forward, you can pull on the upstroke too thus giving more efficient pedaling. However, in order to get your foot out of the pedal you must twist your heel away from the bike and the springs let go of the cleat. It works well until you either forget or lose your balance, as frequently happens when you’re biking off road. I always swore I wouldn’t use these pedals off road but I’d forgotten just how bumpy and potholed the track around the reservoir can be. I won’t forget again! Because along with my feet fixed to the pedals, slick tyres which were lethal on lose sand and gravel and my right knee kicking off with a bit of annoying pain just under the knee cap it wasn’t the best effort. I think on a good day with everything right we’ve done this track in 30 minutes or less.



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