Skipping….An Underrated Passtime

It’s what happens when you pack your kid off on holiday for several weeks – you end up browsing the isles at the local Tesco store at 10pm. Just because you can. You even take time to wander down the isles that you never usually venture down and that’s where you learn that Tesco sells Heart Rate Monitors for £20 and Ultralite Sleeping Bags for under £10 and Skipping Ropes, yes, Skipping Ropes. And of course, we had to have one because like all the other gimmicks we fall for here in Foxsden Towers THIS will be the one that transforms us from the pair of lazy lard arses we are into ripped powerhouses. Of course it will – if only coordinating those two feet to leave the ground as those two hands swing the rope down past your knees wasn’t so damn hard to time.



  1. Digger said

    An inspired use of “Jump Around” and a quality piece of video editing Foxmeister.

    I am so glad you bought Wil a skipping rope designed for use by a 6 year old girl. The fact that he had to duck down as well as lift his knees almost to his chest to avoid tripping face first into the grass was pure comedy genius.

    I want more from Fox Towers Productions!


  2. I am in tears! That was hilarious. And I love the well-timed “jump and get down” just as he falls on the floor at the end!!!! And the speeded up bit was just genius!

    Now it’s your turn missus…!

  3. foxsden said

    Digger – that’s one of the funny bits… that rope is 7m long. There’s no need for him to duck or highstep so I don’t know what the hell that was all about. Good entertainment though. There’s plenty more rubbish where that came from – stay tuned!

    Suburban – thanks, glad it gave you a laugh too. I do wonder if I’m the only one who finds this stuff funny sometimes as I’m such an easy laugh. I haven’t had a go with the rope yet… I’m sure it wouldn’t be half as entertaining… better stick with push ups!

  4. DangerBoyWil said

    I am mortally wounded by your comments. Like a fat version of Rocky, I’m going to embark on a training schedule to become heavy weight skipping champion of the world…….mark my words

  5. Is there a “100skipchallenge” anywhere?! We need videos of your progress..

  6. foxsden said

    LOL.. I flipping hope not!
    I had a go on sunday morning as a warm up before going out on my run. Had NO idea how much skipping takes the wind out of you. I don’t remember being that puffed out every playtime when I was a kid!

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