Running On A Dual Carriageway

New Haughley New Street A14 Section

New Haughley New Street A14 Section

The running club was given a unique opportunity last night. For us all to be able to run on a 4.6 mile section of new dual carriageway before it opens to traffic in return for a little donation to charity.

The section of road is a £32 million project which aims to ‘straighten’ out a set of dangerous bends near the village Haughley in Suffolk. The bends incorporate a number of turn offs where you have to pull through the central reservation and cross over the other carriageway in the path of oncoming traffic doing 70mph+. Needless to say it’s an accident blackspot!

What started out as an overcast, drizzly and gloomy day brightened up in the evening and when the 100+ runners all gathered on the new asphalt there was a fantastic atmosphere. I was well up for the 6k run.

Well up for it, that is until I started suffering stomach cramps around the 3k mark. I slowed enough to end up somewhere near the last 20 people at the back of the group – which was fine because it was no race, but it wasn’t how I’d wanted to run. And then I had to walk for a bit, only about 20 yards because walking had NOT been in my agenda. The cramps riddled my stomach like a group of ‘stitches’ but not in the usual place you tend to get stitches. These were all around the centre of my stomach just at the bottom of my ribcage covering a space the size of my hand.

I don’t know what caused it. I’d eaten about 4 hours before running so it shouldn’t have been a digestion thing and I hadn’t been hungry when I left. I’d not guzzled loads of water – just a few sips after stepping out of the car.

The other runners were all, as usual, friendly and helpful – all asking if I was ok and offering to stop to walk with me. The last lady who ran past offered some strange advice “push your stomach out like you’re trying to make yourself fat”.. I did and in a few steps as long as my stomach was out it began feeling more comfortable. Comfortable enough that I could start jogging and finally breaking into a slow run. I caught up with the giver of the good advice and stuck with her for the last half of the run and when we arrived at the finish she puffed “thanks, I’d have walked if you hadn’t stuck with me!”. Well, I’d have been sat on the central reservation in awful pain if she hadn’t owned that little tidbit of information! Good to have helped eachother out, even when I didn’t know I was helping.



  1. DangerBoyWil said

    I’ve been eyeing up one of those over-passes for a jump on my mountain bike. Then I realised I’m 28 and a cripple so I won’t bother

  2. Foxsden said

    Considering it’ll be me looking after you when you further cripple yourself *AGAIN* I’ll agree with your realisation.

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