Alpkit Again!

Apollo II - Silicon Coated Bags

Apollo II - Silicon Coated Bags

My brother bought some Airlok XT Drybags from Alpkit and he let me borrow a couple for our trip to Wales. I had actually pondered over these a couple of weeks ago when Wil and I were going to cycle to Hollesley but had decided against spending a few quid in favour of just wrapping my stuff in plastic bags.

What a rubbish idea that turned out to be and definately not worth saving the minimal cash I saved.

First off the items wrapped in black bin bags were slippy and hard to keep strapped onto the back of Wil’s bike. When the bags slipped sideways they tore and the little holes then negated the waterproof properties the bags previously offered. Once we got to where we were camping and unloaded everything out of the bags we then spent 5 minutes chasing the buggers down the beach as the wind carried them off without hesitation. Once they were all collected up we just had a big pile of crappy bags stuffed in the corner of the tent which crinkled every time we moved in the night. Lastly, Wil complained that they made him look like some sort of crazy bag collecting nutjob homeless tramp. I agreed, but you know, if the shoe fits….

There is a phrase that Wil likes to use often and that is ‘false economy’. Using plastic bags to wrap your crap in instead of spending a few quid on some proper drybags from Alpkit IS A FALSE ECONOMY. Don’t do it.

Airlok XT Drybags

Airlok XT Drybags

When you consider all the money we’ve spent on a tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, clothes, food and all the other little necessities we need to take along it’s ridiculous to not paying a bit more to get some good quality bags to store it all in and most importantly, keep it all dry. Who wants to kip in a wet sleeping bag?

Sam and I stuffed our sleeping bags, mats and clothes in individual dry bags and they strapped perfectly on to the racks on each of our bikes.

They are made from durable lightweight nylon with a pvc coating and have taped seams – just like your tent. This stops the water from penetrating through where the seams are stitched. It also makes them so water/airtight that you can actually use them like a bucket to scoop water from a stream. Since the inside is coated it would wipe dry. Once you’ve put your bits in the bag you roll the top down a couple of times and then clip the top two corners together which creates a little handle useful for carrying or slipping a tether through if you’re strapping it to a bike. The top also has a little clip which you can clip to yourself or your bag to carry and the bottom features a little grab loop.

With the different colours available if you’re really anally retentive and slightly OCD like me you can organise certain bits into certain bags in order to lay your hands on the right thing first time.

The Airlok bags start out at only £3 for an XS size – and the £3 one that my brother was using contained his £500 camera which he could easily have hung on the handlebar of the bike in pouring rain and not worried about it!

The large Airlok XT would also be a brilliant solution for your kids pe kit. The inside wipes clean the outside is durable and would wipe or wash clean and it has an easy closing top with a handle. I may just get another for the boy to use for school and when he loses it – I haven’t lost a small fortune!

I’ve also bought some silicon coated bags ‘Apollo II bags’. Now these aren’t properly waterproof although they will withstand a light shower and I would think they would sufficiently protect items stored inside them while they were inside a backpack which was getting rained on!. They don’t have the taped seams but water beads up and rolls off them much like your old kaghoul from primary school.

I thought these bags would be handy to use inside my backpack for items like food, bike fixing bits, first aid kit, toiletries and other odds and ends. So many times I had to rummage through my bag at the weekend looking for the allen keys only to find them right at the bottom and I thought if all those bits were stored in a single coloured bag I’d be able to lay my hands on them without delay.

The siliconised bags range from £1.25 to £2 but I bought a combo pack for £6.50 which gave me one of each size – total of four bags and a savings of £1.75 by not buying them separately.

To top it off I needed this stuff sent to me next day – They sent it, next day guaranteed delivery by 13:00hrs for well under a £5’er! Which tells me either I didn’t get shafted through the nose for P&P or someone at Alpkit is going to be in trouble for not charging me the right amount!

I know you must think I have shares in the company but I don’t and I don’t know the people who run it either. I’m quick to complain when stuff goes wrong so I like to let people know when I think something is good. This is a good company selling great stuff and really reasonable prices. There – sales pitch over, I’m now going to go back to trying to figure out what I can use a ‘Funky Dabber’ chalk bag for because they just look so cute.

Apollo II Siliconised Bags

Airlok XT Drybags


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