Little Brothers Photography


I’m sick of seeing my face on those Yearbookme pictures so I’m trying to move the blog down a bit. Here’s a photo my little brother took in Bristol.

Sam, If you come after me for using your work without permission – I’m telling mum.

See more of his stuff here:



  1. Little brother said

    Cool, I get my own blog entry… By the way did you see that the street photography guru Nils Jorgensen liked your tent peg through the hand idea?

    Anyway, thanks for the exposure – I’ll forget about the royalties seeing as though you threatened to tell Mum…

  2. Foxsden said

    Well if you’re good enough for The Guardian I reakon you’re good enough for here 🙂

    Tent peg through the hand? Nils? Was I stoned? What have I missed?

  3. Little brother said

    Brecon Beacons

  4. Foxsden said

    AHHHH… I didn’t see that! I forget where I leave comments and sometimes don’t go back to see the followups!

  5. DangerBoyWil said

    Nice pics Sam – I especially like the graffiti one.

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