One of our technicians came into the office today with a grin. Being the type to always have a joke at the ready we all stopped what we were doing and awaited the story and punchline.

He began..

“I got a report from the service centre today asking me to return a call to a lady from a particular village to talk to her about a drainage problem outside her property. There was a note attached to the report which read…. when you call Mrs Caller please allow the phone to ring for a long time as she is 111 and will take time to get to the phone”.

He continued..

“So I dialled the number and waited while it rang several times and then several more and eventually the lady answered in a very frail voice and apologised for taking so long to get to the phone. I said it was ok and that I thought she did remarkably well considering she was 111 years old. She said why do you say that? And I replied because that’s what it says on my sheet! She replied, I didn’t say I was 111 I told them that I was ill”



  1. mumof4 said

    That is really funny!!!

  2. lindy said

    that reminds me of the 710 blonde joke. She said she was missing her 710 cap & nobody could figure out what she was taking about. Turned out she meant the OIL cap.

  3. mrs hojo said

    Ha brilliant, makes me wonder just how old she really is :o)

  4. Foxsden said

    Lindy I thought the same thing when he said it!

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