At The Touch Of A Button? Really?

On Monday Cam and I visited a few shops looking to buy a microwave. Currys machines were all more than I wanted to spend (I didn’t want to part with more than £50). We went to Tescos but none of theirs were particularly appealing.

I was looking for something simple and non-fussy without unnecessary buttons and functions across the front. A visit to Comet found something I liked but as usual they were out of stock and were not getting another delivery until next week.

On our way out of the shop this LG model caught my eye and despite it’s curious selection of random ‘quick select’ buttons for a split second or 10 I very seriously contemplated buying it. Not because I’m European and there is a button that clearly must cook anything I eat to my personal specification. Not because the second button down gives me not one, but two options to defrost something. But because the right hand side of the 3rd button down has the best function ever.


I’m not exactly sure how the hell you squash them small enough to crush them into the 23 litre space inside, I’m guessing there’s some chopping involved. And I’m not entirely sure I prefer my children a pasty steaming bloated white colour when I’ve been so accustomed to browner crispier children straight out of the oven. However, since I would be able to make a more accurate selection of cooking time for the skinny and fatty kids by using the Time/Weight dial it’s going to save me a ton of time hanging around occasionally sticking a toothpick in them to check for doneness.

Sadly, a brief peruse through the user manual only went on to further crush my faith in the quality of the machine. ‘Children Cook’ had a ‘Chinglish’ description that went something like ‘Children cook can cook sandwich’.

Sorry – but weirder than having a button labeled ‘Children Cook’ who, I ask you, microwaves their sandwiches?!

(I ended up opting for this microwave I’d seen in Currys but after a search around the net, picked it up for HALF the price, delivered!)



  1. mrs hojo said

    mmm love children, can’t eat a whole one though
    tee hee

  2. Foxsden said

    Me either… chewy little bastards

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