Advertising. And Eva Herzigova’s Boobs.

“In adverts, women are carefree sex kittens. In reality, they’re just annoying. Especially the ones who whine on and on about gender stereotypes through the strange flapping hole they use for expressing simple-minded notions which is apparently located somewhere above their chests.”

Charlie Brooker of The Guardian newspaper fame has written another hilarious article about new EU regulations which are trying to tame down our advertising and the portrayal of women and men in such ads.

It’s the same old tired boring dull losers with nothing better to do, sitting on their holyier than thou pedestal making up rules as we go along. AGAIN.

There are also a group of these idiots where I work and next week they are concentrating on pulling off the ‘Equality and Diversity Roadshow’. Which will be one big organised love-in of all the middle and upper level management schmoozing eachother over what a fantastic idea it is to organise such a function.

Meanwhile, as several large pieces of tumbleweed roll spookily through the foyer accompanied by the sound of crickets chirping away, the rest of society and all those employed will be at their desks doing what we get paid for. WORKING. And no doubt wondering what the hell an Equality and Diversity Roadshow is. The very title conjures up images of everyone being piled onto an open topped tourbus to take a trip around each office to point all the black, disabled, short, fat and ethnic minorities out. For christ sake people, get a life.


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