Citroen Shitroen

I’m sure this will apply mainly to the European market but is anyone else fed up with Citroens transformer car adverts already?

Citroen’s marketing department have certainly applied ‘find something that works and stick with it’ logic to this one because I believe I saw what must be Citroen’s 5th advert featuring a dancing robot that transforms down into a car during Ross Kemp On Gangs last night.

I don’t think anyone could argue that their first advert and the catchy little music rift they put with it was  nothing short of brilliant BUT TO DO IT AGAIN AND AGAIN?


Especially since if you buy one of their cars you certainly won’t end up with a funky hip hop car version of Optimus Prime dancing in your car park spot when you leave work but rather a freaky looking bubble of a car with a massive ‘grin’ at the front and more head room than David Blaine is going to need after the next three days of hanging upside down. All that folks AND the all the reliability of a one armed rower which is about as much as you can expect from a French car.

I guess we had a forewarning about the originality of this manufacturer given the fact the majority of their car names since the 1950’s have taken the format ‘Citroen C……’. That’s it, steady on boys, you don’t want to use all 26 letters of the alphabet up too quickly do you.

If you want to see the original advert then Youtube ‘Citroen’ and you’ll come up with all 50 of them. The best one by far in my opinion and much closer to the truth is this spoof one.


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