While I’m Ranting

One more thing. Some complete nonce crashed his car and died just on the other side of the next village the other day. Now, last week when it happened I tried to be unassuming about the various factors that made this accident look like yet another boy racer falling victim to his own carelessness. His age (25) and the area he was from (council estate in town) and the fact his accident was a single car crash quite obviously caused by hammering around a corner WAY too fast (you can actually take this particular corner at 50 with no problem, when the verges have been cut so you have a view down the road). And in the newspaper it mentions that he was a car fanatic and was always seen to be doing something to his own car. Blokes like that don’t usually enjoy dawdling around at 30mph.

The road he crashed on is a wide stretch of road, smooth and deceptive in that it has slight bends which you can maintain your speed through but if the weeds at the side of the road are high, and they are at the moment you just shouldn’t take it at speed because you never know what’s around the corner…. Horse? Cyclist? Pedestrian? Fox? Deer? Broken down vehicle?

I said I tried to remain unassuming given the facts we did know because of course there are those that we may never find out. Such as, was he driving like an asshole or did a deer or something suddenly jump out causing him to swerve?. It’s not unlikely but as my mood changed during the last few days so has my ‘unbiased’ outlook on this accident. Because if you really think about it – even if something did jump out on him causing him to swerve had he been doing a sensible speed for that piece of road it’s doubtful he would have fired himself across the other side of the road, knocking a considerable car-sized gash into the 4 ft high verge and into the river/drainage channel on the other side killing himself on impact.

To add insult to injury since his death hoards of grievers have been coming out to the site to leave flowers. Since this is a stretch of road between two villages with a field on one side and a river on the other there is no where to park. Consequently they pull their cars up on the road causing all other road users to have to drive the opposite way into the oncoming traffic around the blind bend their friend crashed on. LETS NOT BE CONTENT THAT ONE PERSON HAS ALREADY BEEN KILLED, NOW LETS TRY TO TAKE SOME LOCALS OUT TOO!

I’m sorry they lost their friend and all and I don’t mean to be cold about it but once again I’m reminded that if I don’t look out for number one no one else give the slightest shit. I cycle that road frequently and I can tell you, if some twat driving like an arse took me out leaving me dead that would really sodding ruin my day. (If this does happen, please don’t endanger yourself and everyone else by leaving tributes, especially flowers IN PACKETS on the side of the road).  Luckily they weren’t but innocent people could have been killed from what appears to be some blokes idiocy and disregard.

When I lived in South Carolina the county coroner would spray paint a small white cross at the location of a fatal accident. I thought this was a brilliant idea in that it highlighted the fact someone had died there and when you drove past it made you humble for a moment to think about your own speed. Especially at sites where there were several crosses painted on the road. I wish they did something like that here.

However, to top it off all his visiting friends are out there leaving piles of flowers wrapped in plastic which no doubt will end up blowing across the fields and into the river trashing the beautiful countryside. Not to mention some of the idiots have tied the flowers to the reflector posts warning drivers of the bend! Now they don’t reflect at night! The flowers, packagings and cards they’ve left are now a very distracting 20meters of road easy to become fixated on as you drive past.

Just because someone died do we all of a sudden excuse littering which is otherwise a fineable offence?

If you can’t save it for the funeral, is there something difficult about taking the flowers out of the wrapping and leaving them on the side of the road? No, there isn’t.

Once again thoughtlessness rules the day.


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