Suburban Mum has given me my first award cos she be lovin’ me blog!

At first I I thought it said ‘I LOOKED on your blog’ because the pink and yellow made my eyes go screwy.  Later I noticed it contains a link to another site called where you can find a picture of a lovely kitchen.

Fanks SM



  1. Lindy said

    Hurray for you!! I knew you’d get recognized sooner or later. Congrats on the great work ML.

  2. I did look on your blog. And then I was hooked!!!

    Nice kitchen. Wish it was mine!

  3. Argh, my comment has been spammerated.

  4. foxsden said

    Sorry about that! *pulls SM out of the spam bin and brushes the riff raff off*

  5. foxsden said

    Thanks Lindy

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