Friday Was Our Anniversary

5 years….. and it’s flown by. I still get gloomy when he has to leave to go to work for the week.

On Friday night Wil booked us for dinner at the restaurant we went to for our first date, a very classy stately home called Ravenwood Hall.

We had a cozy table for two between the crackling open fire and bar table where all the beautiful bottles and decanters reflected the flames from the fire like tiny fairy lights.

We sipped the Melon aperitif and fed eachother forkfulls of salmon dressed with puy lentils and almond potatoes.

Five rich courses later we drove home fat, happy and content. Smug that we’d made it this far, excited by our achievements and looking forward to what the next five years will bring.

At home the freezing cold living room wasn’t inviting so we sacked it off and crashed into bed where we spent at least 20 hilarious minutes trying to out-fart eachother.

Isn’t love grand.



  1. C- said

    Congratulations! Five years for us too!

  2. mrs hojo said

    You romantic fools, aah Happy Anniversary to you

  3. Wes said

    The secret to a great relationship is flatulence? Damn! I have been doing it wrong.. Congrats!!!!

  4. Auntie Christ said

    Ahhh, the Dutch Oven….

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