Village Gossip

The village gossip mill has been hard at work and the story behind the bloke who crashed and killed himself up the road has finally floated to the surface.

One of our neighbours is mates with a bloke who works for a company two villages down from the crash site. The mate arrived at the scene of the crash just after it’d happened and said when the car hit the verge it had smashed into a concrete reflector post and then flipped over. The driver was ejected from the car and ended up with his leg up by his head and the car pinning him to the ground. He said the guy was alive until they lifted the car off him at which point he died.

After the police analysed the scene they determined he’d been traveling at around 95mph and had not been wearing a seat belt.

The neighbour described the car to Wil. It was a customised car with flashy alloy wheels and Wil instantly remembered it.

One day in the summer Wil, Cam and myself had gone down the road to record some video clips in order to make this 5×5. On the way back home I was doing 40mph down the road on my scooter a short distance ahead of Wil and Cam who were following on their bikes. We’d all just left the location we’d recorded a video at thus were still in view of each other. A bloke with some friends in a car passed Wil and Cam to then cut extremely close to my right in order to get past me on the narrow road just before a blind bend. It was close enough that I could have touched the car without having to fully extend my arm and when the occupants of the car all shouted as they passed it alarmed me enough to cause me to swerve towards the edge of the road and swear! I stopped and waited around the corner for Wil to catch up so I could vent my disbelief at their stupidity and confirm that he’d seen the idiot get so close to me. He confirmed that he’d seen what ‘that tosser’ did, shook his head and muttered a few more expletives and we carried on up the road.

Turns out that tosser was the guy who ended up getting what he was always going to achieve by driving like he did. Hopefully he never did cause anyone to have an accident before he ended up the victim of his own.


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