More Annoyance!

1). Yesterday morning I had to get up at 07:00 in order to eat early enough before meeting up with the running club for a Cross Country training session. I’d gone to bed having talked myself out of going if it was raining in the morning. When I woke up this morning it was pissing down but I managed to talk myself back around into not being lazy and getting my arse up. I’d told them I’d be there so I was going to be there come rain or shine. Besides, I thought, there’ll be shittier days than this to back out of! At 09:00 I left the house and drove 25mins in wind and rain to the location we were training at. By 09:45 no one else had turned up so I went home all psyched up to run and now miserable at having no one to run with. I wasn’t in the mood to go running on my own and Wil’s injured achillies stopped him from coming out. So I pouted on the sofa until 19:00 when I finally got my arse on my treadmill and pounded out an hour.

2). To add insult to injury Wil had to leave yesterday at 15:00 to get to Oxford to begin a week long training course that won’t see him home until next Saturday afternoon. Late. Not only did this cut a weekend short – we do not DO weekends apart due to the fact we’re apart all week as it is. If it wasn’t for a training course that will benefit him I’d have kicked off. As it was I sat on the sofa with bambi eyes before launching myself at his ankles shrieking “DOOOONN’TTT GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” succeeding only in being dragged across the floor to the front door where I was scraped off and left to collect together the shattered pieces of my life.

3). There is a large bin liner full of clothes that I meant to leave out for the charity collection people a few weeks ago. I forgot. They put another leaflet through the door last week to say they’d be coming round again today. I still forgot and now that bloody great bin liner is destined to sit in that cupboard where it creates an bagalanche every time someone opens the door to put shoes or coats away. This will cause Wil to moan and threaten (again) to take it down to the big clothes dumpster in Tescos car park. I won’t allow this because I can’t believe those clothes are any good once they’ve been sat in a commercial sized steel container in a shopping centre carpark for god knows how long. My old cast-offs are too nice for that treatment.

4). Not only did I forget to put the bag of clothes out – I also forgot to leave the Betterware Catalogue on the doormat for the lady to collect. It’s a fine line now whether I get my new ironing board cover and multi peg hanger thingy now isn’t it.

5). Wil sold another bike and like most times when Wil sells something it’s usually me who ends up putting the awkward bastard effort in with it. On this occasion he crammed the boxed up bike snugly into the back of the Mazda. He told me the guy would arrive at my work between 09:30 and 17:00 to pick it up. Did he? Did he hell… he arrived before 09:00, infact as I indicated to pull into the road I flashed the unmarked white van to let him pull out not realising he had been to pick up my package.
This afternoon just before I left the office I pulled the box out to leave in reception incase he came back again. It was crammed in the boot so tightly that I ended up snapping a plastic rivet off the trim around the boot of the car while trying to pull it out. Then I bent my finger nail back.

I do hope the week isn’t set to continue like this!


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