Come Again?

I have worked in my current job for over 6 years. Although I was hired in the admin office as an Admin Assistant the responsibilities I took over within that role became very concentrated around coordinating streetworks.

Over the last couple of years coordination of street works has become a hot item on the government’s agenda and therefore with evolving laws and regulations my job has become extremely busy and very specialised. So much so that finally my company have recognised that us streetworks coordinator peops shouldn’t be sat in the Admin Office and that we should be our own department. A theory that most other councils have had for eons.

Another theory that most councils have had for eons is that streetworks coordinators should be getting paid a lot more than we do. So along with the reshuffle they’ve decided to up our salary to the next grade, nearly in-line with national standards for this job.

You’re thinking – whoa! this all sounds too good to be true! Do the job I’ve been doing for 6 years and then get put into a dedicated department created JUST for this AND get bumped up an entire grade without doing anything EXTRA?

And you’d be right in thinking this… It is too good to be true – without a little sacrifice!

Because here is the catch. I have to apply for my job!

I have to apply for the same job I’ve been doing for well over 6 years and explain ‘What drew me to apply for the job’, ‘What qualifications I have to support my doing this job’ and a whole host of other insanities!

Can you begin to imagine the types of answers I WANT to put to those questions!?

Even better still they even had a little debate about whether these ‘new’ jobs should be advertised across the council for everyones pickings!

Now I have to submit my CV and go through a proper formal interview to get MY JOB!



  1. Bloody ridiculous. My brother had to go through the exact same thing for his IT job at East Sussex County Council. He was successful though!

    I wish I’d asked those questions at my interview this morning; I think they may just have clinched the deal.

  2. Spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam

    Just call me Lady Spamalot.

  3. foxsden said

    What the hell is it with Askimet? Do you have any idea why your comments keep getting binned?

  4. Lindy said

    I have no doubt they’ll rehire you. Just fill in the questionare with all the minute little details about the job that only you know. That should shut them up.

  5. foxsden said

    I don’t mind sticking all the details down to justify the upgrade (although to me they’ve already justified what I do requires an upgrade) It’s the questions like ‘what motivated you to apply for this role’ and ‘what do you think you can bring to this role’. If I fill those out with the usual bollocks you would do if you were applying for the job for the first time – I just couldn’t live with myself. I haven’t blown smoke up anyones arse to progress in the time I’ve been there and I’m not about to start!

  6. foxsden said

    What I’m really saying is that they could have taken the time to adapt the application form for our situation rather than give us the bog standard form that say, you would get if you were applying for this job.

  7. This sucks. I think it’s totally ridiculous that in this instance they don’t take the time and trouble to create an application form that suits the occasion and situation.

    It is just lazy and thoughtless and tactless and lots of other words like that.

    I’d be tempted to answer with a great many cheeky things.

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